Celebrate Your Best Gal Pals With These Galentine’s Day Party Ideas

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and love is most certainly in the air. While love-struck couples are fixated on pleasing their significant other around this time, they often forget another type of love that helps us get through life’s ups and downs – the love of a good friend. 

There are days to celebrate our mothers, fathers, significant others and even a few random holidays to recognize our siblings and our pets. But until the lovely Leslie Knope coined a special day for friendships, we didn’t have a designated time for us to celebrate those who choose to stick by us through thick and thin. For all of you Parks & Recreation fans out there, you know where we are going with this…. 

Step aside fellas, because on February 13th the ladies are celebrating Galentine’s Day! No matter if you’re rollin solo or if you have a hot date for the 14th, we encourage you to thank your friends for everything they do in a variety of fun and unique ways…

For besties who brunch

Close friends know what flavor of ice cream to bring you when you’ve had a bad day. They know what greasy food you like when you’re hungover, and what your go-to place is for brunch. Local Denver eatery, Bigsby’s Folly is hosting an extravaganza for you to celebrate with these friends who know you oh so well, and it involves breakfast for dinner. Need we say more? After all, to quote Leslie Knope, “Galentine’s Day is all about ladies celebrating ladies. It’s like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus Frittatas”. For $29.99, you and your gal pals can celebrate with wine, sangria or mimosa and make-your-own Champagne-Buttermilk, Rosé-Ricotta or Gluten-Free waffle at the buffet. Make Leslie proud and top your waffle with as much whipped cream as your heart desires.


For friends who know how you roll… (and love you anyway)

Or at least they will after you all partake in a Sushi & Joint Rolling Class, courtesy of 420 Tours. If you and your friends are tired of spending money on pre-rolls at the dispensary or delicious dinners at Sushi Den, then this cannabis-friendly course is for you. On any Thursday, Friday or Saturday night, you can learn how to do it yourself from a sushi chef and joint-rolling connoisseur. (And if you have V-Day plans the next day, you can show your partner your new skills by surprising them with a hand-rolled treat!)

For gal pals who encourage you to treat yo’self

For an elevated evening at home, have the girls over for a unique massage experience with Primal Therapeutics. This female-owned Denver company delivers infused massages from licensed massage therapists to your own home. Primal Therapeutics uses its own organic, whole plant topicals to bring your massage to a higher level. They even offer specific packages for group events or parties! 

For true friends who don’t let you sweat the small stuff

After a bad breakup or just a bad day in general, your friends are always there to help you get back up again. Together you detox from the drama and focus on what really matters. Wine, wine, and more wine. However, all the wine in the world won’t make you feel half as good as the serenity you’ll feel in your own personal infrared sauna pod in a private sauna suite. At Change Your Life (CYL) Sauna Studio in Boulder, you and your gals can sweat away all of your stress and recover from many nights of partying together with the deepest, most detoxifying sweat possible using infrared energy. (And pick-up one of your favorite Arbor CBD products in-store while you’re there!) Because friends who detox together, stay together. 

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