Arbor Sleep Soft Gels

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Precisely dosed 33mg capsules of Arbor’s Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

  • Clinically studied to reduce the amount of time spent waiting to fall asleep
  • Naturally increase time spent in deep sleep

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1 review for Arbor Sleep Soft Gels

  1. Ryan

    I have been using the Arbor Sleep Soft Gels for roughly 3 weeks now, and I can honestly say I am waking up feel more refreshed and ready to tackle the day than I was before. I was having trouble sleeping through the night, and melatonin and other sleep aids were not helping, and I was waking up feeling droggy and clouded. Since I started taking the soft gels, I have been waking up with energy to tackle the day, have seen my sleep schedule improve to a solid 8 hours of sleep a night, and am overall extremely pleased with this product and would recommend to friends and family.

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